Anti-theft shutters

Security shutters


The shutters can significantly increase protection against burglary. All our shutters come with installed basic safety springs, which make it difficult to raise the shutters from the outside. With additions such as locks and anti-burglar springs we can achieve a very high level of window security.


Safety spring – all roller shutters from our production program include basic steel safety springs that make it difficult to raise them when the shutters are rolled down.
Locks – the cheapest way to achieve anti-burglary protection: to equip the shutters with simple bolts - locks in the skirting board with groove. The locks ban be pulled apart manually when the shutter in the rolled-down position (this option must not be used in roller shutters powered by motor drive).
Anti-burglar springs – the most elegant way to achieve anti-burglary protection is to use special anti-burglary springs instead of the steel ones. They can be installed on both types of shafts (40 and 60 mm). The advantage of this system is that the shutters lock automatically when they roll down to the bottom position (without having to open the windows and lock them manually). Anti-burglary springs can only be used on roller shutters operated by a crank handle or motor drive.