55 mm roller door

55mm roller doors

Standard roller garage door with limited dimensions (width up to ~ 350 cm, and height up to ~ 250 cm), with 55 mm slats are particularly suitable for traditional garage door (one car).

This type of garage door is usually installed during the renovation of older buildings (to replace the old traditional garage door), but this does not mean that it is not suitable for new construction. It is mostly used where space is limited, because in comparison to other garage doors it takes up the least space.

Standard box components:

  • 55 mm extruded aluminium slat
  • Aluminium quarter-oval box 250 mm
  • guides 80x28 mm.

Roller garage door operation:

  • with an electric remote control, however in case of power outage it is possible to open the door manually.



Roller garage door with 55 mm slatSlat 55 mm
Roller garage door with 55 mm slatSlat 55 mm