PVC doors and windows

PVC doors and windows

PVC doors and windows


Windows and doors are made from PVC profiles produced by the German VEKA Group.
According to statistics from 2004, VEKA is the world's largest manufacturer of PVC window profiles, even though their products are of higher quality and higher price range.

Windows and doors are made of materials which can be recycled, while their excellent thermal insulation properties enable energy conservation.

The windows are usually made from IZO glass (4/16/4 mm) LOW E and filled with gas. They have a conductive factor of U = 1.1 W/m2K. With custom order we can provide a different glass.

The windows are framed with security window fittings ROTO Compact S in silver colour.

Other advantages of our PVC doors and windows:

  • windows and doors are manufactured and installed in strict accordance with the VEKA profiles manufacturer's standards
  • our windows are tested for air and water permeability and certified in accordance the Slovenian standard SIST 1018 (Category C)
  • windows manufacturing is adjusted to immediate or later installation of shades
  • production takes place in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001:2000
  • the best relationship between price and quality
  • automated production
  • complete repair service when replacing windows



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