Softline 82 MD


Profile system

  • Seven-chamber profile with a built-in depth of 82 mm.
  • Wall thickness 3 mm according to RAL quality norms.
  • Expressive, fully rounded lines
  • Steel reinforcement to strengthen the structure (VEKA norms).


  • Regular windows, windows with thermal and acoustic insulation, security windows,
  • sliding elements, balcony doors, terrace doors and entrance doors.

Quality control

  • Systematic quality guaranteed.
  • Testing in compliance with the RAL quality standards for plastic windows.

Sealing system

  • Wing and frame sealing.
  • System conditioned sealing profiles made from APTK, TPE or silicone.
  • Standard colour of seals: grey.

Softline 82 MD

Softline 82 MD


Physical requirements

  • Thermal insulation complies with DIN 4108 and EnEV.
  • Noise protection VDI 2719 SSK, SSK II to IV.
  • Anti-burglary protection complies with DIN ENV 1627-1630 to 2nd resistance class


  • The standard glass thickness is 36 mm.
  • Glazing options: glass with thickness from 24 to 44 mm.


  • WINKHAUS Pilot Basis silver built-in fitting.
  • Built-in fitting complies with the standard DIN 18357.
  • All standard fittings are quality and system tested.
  • Options: Rotating handles or half-olive handles

Softline 82 MD

Softline 82 MD

Coefficient of heat transmission - the value of Uw

  • Window element value (glass U = 0.79): Uw = 1.1 W/m2K.