Termobox - V


The company Roletarstvo Medle presents a new insulation box TERMOBOX - V, which is suitable for exterior blinds. Paper insulated housing is the ideal solution for installation in the new buildings (passive house), where maximum isolation, the exact box claims with the help of RAL assembly. The box is also suitable for the renovation where you want to replace the windows.


The box is mounted directly above the window and then built all together into the opening. The box is completely hidden by the plaster, so it does not affect the external appearance of the building.

Because of the need for maximum insulation it is recommended that the blinds are electrically operated. In manual operation, the sealing of the hole   is weakened so there may comes to energy loss.

So if you want to have, in addition to shading, also the best insulation, we recommend buying a new built-in box from the program of Roletarstvo Medle - TERMOBOX.



Roka Top 2 - cross-section 


  • You can choose between different types of slats (C-65mm, C 80mm,   CT-80, Z-75mm, Z-90mm).
  • Controlled with crank handle or electrical operation.
  • In a variety of color combinations (slats and guides).
  • Possibility of mounting the insect screen.



  • Quick and easy installation on the window,
  • made from Styrofoam, which helps us to easier installation,
  • in accordance with the requirements for energy saving,
  • versatile box,
  • excellent thermal, acoustic insulation and airtight,
  • the box is reinforced with steel plates for durable and strong structural stability,
  • possibility of installation of insect screens,
  • dimensions of the box: 300 x 300 mm.



Slats options

You can choose from more affordable blinds with PVC slats, or select blinds with aluminium slats, filled with polyurethane foam.


tl_files/lamele/lamela_krpan.jpgtl_files/lamele/C-80 mm.jpgLamela CT-80tl_files/lamele/lamela_CT-80.jpgLAMELA Z-90 
C-65 mmC-80 mmCT-80 mmZ-75 mmZ-90 mm