Fixed sunbreakers

Fixed sunbreaker of Type 1 is suitable for shading large glass surfaces, where there is no need to regulate the light.

They are very easy to assemble and disassemble (only three parts). Installation is possible on walls with different inclinations as well.

Its advantage over other fixed sunbreakers lies in the fact that there the distance between the slats is not fixed, which means that you can freely determine your desired distance.


Type 1 sunbreaker components:


Fiksni brisoleji         Fiksni brisoleji        Fiksni brisoleji
guide slat bracket
Fiksni brisoleji  Fiksni brisoleji Brisolej_tip1
hex screw m6x10
 kit sunbreaker show



  • standard - grey RAL 9006
  • crude
  • painted according to RAL (custom order for an extra charge)