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Venetian blinds

The most appropriate shade to control the light in the room


Shades can provide complete comfort and an aesthetic appearance of the house. There are many types of shades, one of the most popular are the blinds.

Regarding their purpose we distinguish interior and exterior blinds. They are suitable for installation in both commercial as well as residential buildings.

With a simple regulation of slats angle the internal blinds protect us from direct sunlight and unwanted views. At the same time the internal blinds also serve as a decorative element in the room.
In case you want additional thermal insulation, or better weather protection, we recommend to choose one of the external blinds. They are installed on the outside, which prevents a direct transmission of heat into the room. In combination with facade they also contribute to a better aesthetic appearance of the building.



External blinds
Interior blinds



How to operate blinds

Crank handle operationElectrical operation
crank handle operationelectrical operation