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How to purchase?

How to purchase blinds?

How to purchase blinds?

1. Submit your inquiry:type of blinds

  • width x height of the opening, where should the shade be mounted
  • number of items
  • blinds operation (manual, electric motor)
  • colour hue (different colours are in different price ranges)
  • installation manner (concealed, built-on)
  • special requests
  • contact information and address of the location for installation


2. After that we prepare an offer for you (based on the data obtained).
3. Upon the confirmation of our offer our technologist makes the measurements, and our experts are available for advice.
4. Based on the measurements we provide estimated costs of implementation.
5. After the advance payment is made we manufacture the shades.
6. We install the shades.

What you should know before purchasing shades?

Firstly, ask yourself what you want. Each shade has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is very important:

  • to know what you want and
  • what purpose will the shades serve.

It is mistaken to think that all the shades in all the rooms must be the same!
Pay extra attention to:

  • whether the shades should darken the room completely or do you only want to dim the room,
  • where should be the shades installed (inside or outside)
  • what type of shade can be installed in specific openings,
  • what material should the shade be made of,
  • what is its thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • what is the preferred operational mode (manually or with an electric motor)
  • relationship between price and quality, while considering your financial capability.