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Roller shutters

Take advantage of the benefits offered to you by roller shutters


Why choose Medle Roller shutters?


Excellent protection

The roller shutters offer an external protection against a variety of external influences and unwanted views. They enable us to completely darken a room, while offering and excellent thermal and sound insulation as well. They protect from intruders (security rollers) and protect against the annoying insects in the room (with insect screen integrated in the box).



Medle shutters are among the most resistant shades, and are suited for all new construction, but they can also be mounted on the existing buildings facade (easy assembly and disassembly).


Minimal maintenance

There is practically no maintenance, only occasional cleaning required.


Adapting to your needs

All types of shutters can come with the insect screen installed or with motor drive operation (with switch, remote control or timer).


Depending on the box type you can choose roller shutters from:

External mount-on visible
External concealed
Built-in roller shutters
Security shutters



Roller shutter operation

Automatic operationCrank handle operationElectrical operation
automatic operationcrank handle operationelectrical operation


Slats options

You can choose from more affordable shutters with PVC slats, or opt for shutters with aluminium slats, filled with polyurethane foam.

PVC slat39 mm aluminium slat filled with polyurethane foamFalcon slat filled with polyurethane foam
PVC slat

39 mm aluminium slat filled
with polyurethane foam
Falcon slat filled
with polyurethane foam